Seeing results

We finally managed to go to Move & Walk and I felt so happy, we went there last Friday and I have been meaning to write about it, but oh… you know, time goes so fast and I feel like I’m so busy all the time. But it went really good.

It was just Isa and me going there this time, so I decided to take the train to Stockholm and lucky for me the train stops just 2 blocks away from M&W. I was a little bit worried about the 45 minutes waiting in the train with Isa, she doesn’t like to be still, so I was hoping for her to fall asleep and enjoy the ride, but those were not her plans… She decided to be awake the whole time and make the most out of it. So she was talking and yelling the whole time, standing up and just trying to make contact with whoever would pay attention to her (there was a sleeping lady in front of us that was not very happy about it) and she got plenty of attention, people just find her too cute with her eyeglasses and always want to stop and chat a little bit with her and she loves it. So I decided to train a little bit the standing position, I found that the train seats were perfect height for Isa’s arms. IMAG0788

We finally made it to M&W a little bit ahead of time so we decided to play a little bit on the ball pool.


Zsuzsanna (her conductor) came to pick us up to start with Isa’s therapy, I thought that Isa was gonna be tired because it was 10am and that is her nap time, but she was actually full of energy. She was so good the whole hour, I was so proud of her and it was so nice to hear that she is improving on all her goals, she had improved in all the exercises that Zsuzsanna gave us last time we were there.

IMAG0795 IMAG0794

So she gave us a whole new bunch of things to train now, she said she has seen a big improvement on her, especially on her arms strength, she was so weak before on her arms, she could barely have weight on her arms, and now she feels really strong, she can be on crawl position without falling down and can push herself all the way up when she is on her belly, something that seemed impossible 2 months ago. She is really strong standing up too, so we hope to see a lot of improvement during the summer. She also has an appointment at Habilitering tomorrow and a new EEG next Tuesday, so she’s kind of busy lately.


Isa training at home (you can see she was getting a little bit tired on the last one)

It was the Kulturernas Karneval here in Uppsala, so we decided to go, have a picnic and listen to some live music. It was our first picnic with Isa and she really enjoyed it.

IMAG0822 IMG_20130525_185926


2 thoughts on “Seeing results

  1. Hi there! Look at her! I am very glad to hear that she is improving.
    Poor Isa, she can’t hear any music at all due to the headphones! 🙂 Hope to see you soon. Saga says hello!


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