Orthopedic shoes, just not the ones that we expected.

So Isa had her appointment with the orthopedist last Thursday, she was there last time in January when she had an x-ray of her hips after we started noticing that her left leg seemed shorter than the right one and so she had to have an x-ray to check if her hips were OK and bring that to the orthopedist. Back then after checking her legs and the x-ray, the orthopedist said that her hips were perfect but her left leg was in fact shorter than the right one, around 1.5cm. This for me, was just the cherry on top of the cake that made me fell down and call my sister Karen to Mexico crying and sobbing saying that this was just to much, that it seemed that every time we were in the hospital was just to get more bad news, that was, I remember, the first time I felt weak, I had been so strong until that point, but knowing that she was gonna face one more challenge, that she was gonna have a shorter leg, made me collapse.


It’s been 5 months since then and we both Nicklas and I had said to each other that to our eyes, her legs look more even, but we were not sure. So we went there again, this time we went to measure Isa’s shoes, a left shoe with a heel to even up her legs, this time we had another orthopedist and a whole team from the rehabilitation center, one of her therapists, another therapist that I had never seen and the shoemaker. And so we started, the orthopedist stretching her legs, opening her hips, putting her on her belly to measure the legs with knees bent, on her back to measure her femur bones, etc… After the stretching, looking up and down, back and forth, putting her on standing position, again on her back, again on her feet, he just looked at us and said “I don’t see much of a difference anymore” and then he started again, measuring, stretching, etc.. and he said it again, “there is not much difference” !!! OMG I can not describe what I felt, I was so happy!!!!. There is still a difference, but it is not as big as before, so he said that he didn’t want to make special shoes, that we had to wait and meet us in 1 year, he said that legs can grow in different times, one stretches more and then the other one catches up, so we have to wait. For now she’s just gonna get regular orthopedic shoes, just to give her more support, because orthopedic shoes are more stable than regular kid’s shoes. I can not explain how I felt, but if I could I would have started jumping up and down of happiness, we will see how it goes during this year, but we just hope that the difference doesn’t get bigger again.

I have to say that I’m not a really religious person, I grew up on a catholic family, but my mother never ever took us to church, I was only in church when there was a wedding, but I have 3 older sisters that are really religious and that have been praying for Isa since I was pregnant, I’m the youngest and therefore I have always had my sisters and brothers worrying about me. I have a wonderful family away from me, they haven’t been able to meet Isa yet, but we hope we can meet soon, Isa has been surrounded by their prayers, I love my family.

We also had an appointment on Isa’s nursery, it went great! we met her teachers, her physio therapist was there to explain everything about Isa and we both felt really good about it, they showed a lot of interest about Isa and made us feel that she’s gonna be in good hands there.

We are still waiting for Isa’s EEG’s results, Nicklas thinks he saw a little seizure the other day but we haven’t seen any other again, I hope we don’t.



5 thoughts on “Orthopedic shoes, just not the ones that we expected.

  1. Liz, you write so beautifully. I am very touched with your words and Isa´s story. She is an amazing little girl. Lots of love to all three of you xxx Saskia

  2. Hola Liz, es como si estuvieras en mi cabeza, puedo verme reflejada en todo lo que escribes, te entiendo perfectamente, desde sentir que no queremos otro desafio para nestras pequen/as como el hecho de que tu tambien estas lejos de tu familia pero igual asi cuentas con ella. Isa es muy afortunada al tenerte como mama. Un abrazo.

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