Midsummer in Sweden

We celebrated Midsummer for the first time on Friday, I have spent 3 midsummers here in Sweden, but this was the first time we did the typical stuff for this day, from eating the typical food, having flower crowns to dancing around the midsummer pole and I have to say that I had so much fun. Midsummer is huge here in Sweden and everybody wears a flower crown (midsommarkrans) so I decided to make flower crowns for Isa and me and yes, they had to look exactly the same 🙂

DSC_0120IMG_20130621_111037 IMG_20130621_193846

We went to a small town close to the ocean, it was full with people and the weather was absolutely perfect. Everybody gathers around the midsummer pole and start singing and dancing children songs, but don’t think that only the kids are dancing, oh no, everybody enjoys it!!

DSC_0166  DSC_0157 DSC_0148 DSC_0147 DSC_0161

It was perfect, we were dancing like kids with Isa, next year we will be able to enjoy it even more with her 🙂


Midsummer has passed and from now on the days start getting darker again, it feels like the summer hasn’t even arrived here, so we have to enjoy as much as possible July and August before the cold weather starts to kick in again.


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