Step by step

I just love when suddenly Isa starts doing something that she was not able to do before, we train and train and there are these periods of time when it feels like she’s progressing and then there are these periods when I don’t know what’s going on but she’s not doing anything new and then all of a sudden she starts making progress again. Oh what a great feeling that is!

This happened this week. We have been training with her to move the legs on the motion for steps, Nicklas holds her standing and I move one leg, then the other, moving forward, step by step, she has never done this by herself, when she was in her walker, she was just standing there, but she didn’t know how to lift one leg and step forward and then the other, she would just sit in the baby walker and look around, same if we were holding her hands, she couldn’t bring one leg up to try to step. But this week she started doing it by herself, oh how happy that has made me, hey, it’s not perfect, but she is progressing again, now she’s finally taking a few steps when she’s holding our hands, lifting her left leg and then the right, she can not balance by her self standing alone yet, but she can balance better and better when she’s holding on something. She is also finally holding! She used to hate holding on to stuff, when we went to the park and put her on the swing she would refuse to hold the swing with her hands, which would make it super difficult to balance on the swing, but now she has started holding too 🙂 which makes everything so much easier for her and now when she’s on her walker she’s moving around, today she was actually moving quite fast. There’s something that we have noticed, when she steps holding our hands, she steps better with her left leg, but when she moves around on the walker, she steps better with the right, I have no idea why, but she is finally understanding that she can move somewhere by her self.

DSC_0202 DSC_0203 DSC_0201

We are finally having some time off from work and we are going to Palma de Mallorca, Isa loves the water, I think it’s going to be a really good training for her to be in the water and to feel the sand in her lovely feet.



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