Back in town

We are finally back at home after a two-week holiday and it actually feels really good to be back and be able to eat our own food and sleep in our own bed. We basically work from Monday to Sunday so we were really looking forward to these two weeks and they were just what we needed.

First, we went to visit Nicklas parents in the south of Sweden, a five hour drive that made Isa really tired, completely understandable, who wants to seat in a chair for 5 hours, so we had to make a quick stop by a gas station, sit on the grass, drink some coffee and eat something.


We finally arrived to Isa’s grandfather’s summer house and stayed there 2 days, I think she loved it, there’s something about the air in the country side that makes you feel relaxed, she was comfortable, eating so good, enjoying the fresh air, we even managed to left her with her grandfather and his wife one time while we went to buy something and she didn’t cry (this, coming from a girl who cries and yells the moment she doesn’t sees us) which made us really happy ♥. It was good for her to get to see them.

DSC_0303DSC_0302Then we drove to Isa’s grandmother and stayed there another two days, she finally got to see her cousin Oliver after a long time and got see her grandma, uncles and aunt. We decided to go for a swim one day, but really, who can bath in Sweden, I still can not, the water was freezing, just by putting my feet in the water I was in pain, I know I’m a wimp when it comes to bathe here, but really, not even Nicklas got in it, that says it all.


IMAG1193 DSC_0355 DSC_0332 DSC_0340After the family days we came back to Uppsala to pack again and fly to Mallorca, we had been waiting for this day for so long and it finally came, after a really long winter in Sweden and a kind of crappy summer, we were just waiting for the heat and ocean and we knew that Isa would love it too since she loves the water. We stayed there 7 days just relaxing, enjoying the sun and the water, Isa loved it the first days and then she was not a fan of the water the last days, we wanted her to train a lot in the water too and it was really good for her we both thought she got stronger during these days, apart from swimming with her, I didn’t really train much with her, I thought she could use some rest too.

DSC_0471 DSC_0396 DSC_0435 DSC_0521 DSC_0475


4 thoughts on “Back in town

  1. OMG! Lilla Isa is sooooo cute! Swimming in the pool and everything! Hope you guys had a great vacation. You really deserved it!! Kram Karin Andersson

  2. Que padre!!! Una vez fuimos a Can Cun con Pablo cuando tenia la edad de Lilla Isa y no salio del cuarto jajajaja has de cuenta que lo poníamos en la arena y como si fuera aceite hirviendo no lo disfruto nada….pero ahora es un fanático de las albercas y aun mas de la alberca grande jajajaja (el mar) … saludos un abrazo!!!!

    • Jajaja Isa amo la arena los primeros días se la quería comer toda y a mi me daba un ataque sacandosela de la boca jaja… Pero los últimos dos días ya no le gustó, no supimos porque. Que risa con Pablo metido en la habitación jajaja

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