Starting day care

Oh time flies! Isa starts on her day care on Monday, I have been scared and at the same time waiting for this moment for a while now and it’s finally almost here. I know it’s gonna be really good for her, to meet a bunch of kids her age, to get to play more and it will also be very good for her development, all kids need that and I know that I wouldn’t be freaking out if she could move by herself somehow, but she still can’t. I also know that she will get a lot of attention from her teachers, that they know she needs more help with everything and they will help her, but oh!, I’m her mum and I worry. We just got this letter from Habilitering yesterday, we have to give it to the daycare on Monday, it explains everything about Isa, what she can and can not do, and everything that she needs help with compared to a kid her age. She will start slowly, for two weeks we will go with her, she will start first day just 1-1/2 hours and a little more everyday until we can leave her alone. Sometimes I think that it’s gonna take a long time for her to get used to it, but sometimes I think that she might surprise us and be just fine without us, I hope for the second option.

She had an appointment last week to measure her feet for her orthopedic shoes and she’s gonna try them on next Friday, I hope she will get more stability to stand with those. We are so happy with how much she has progressed during the summer, she seems like another girl, she’s so much more active, she’s so good walking when we hold her, she rolls over like crazy and so fast, she dares to move more around when she’s seating, going more forward with her arms, she’s finally using her left arm for support when she seats on the floor and wants to grab something in front of her, she is now turning around on the floor, moving her legs slowly to face somewhere else, she understands now when you ask her “var är lampan?”  as “where is the light” and she turns up to see the light and understands more stuff, she seems so aware of everything. We are just so happy for her.

And so we will see how this week goes, hopefully smooth. I’ll catch up next week with the update about daycare and her new shoes.



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