New shoes, new day care, new baby

A week has gone by and I’m really happy with it. As I said on the last post, she was starting day care this week and I was a little bit terrified about it, well, that is long gone, I’m happy to say that I’m really happy with the way it is going and with the daycare that we chose. It has definitely been going better than I expected, the first three days I can say that it was going great, then the last two she started crying a bit more since we were leaving her alone inside and it would take around 20 minutes for her to realize that Nicklas or I were gone, then she would start crying and I had to go in again until she was fine and then again start moving out and wait outside. But we hope next week it will be better, at least she is familiar with the place now, familiar with the faces and the routine of going there. It’s good to be there and learn the routine they follow, get to see the teachers with the kids and get to know them a bit more. They have hired and extra teacher to help Isa, I have been talking to her about Isa every time I have been there, teaching her Isa’s stretches for her legs, arms and hand, talking a bit about her epilepsy and what to expect if it comes back again, etc… She’s helping Isa with everything, since Isa needs help with everything compared to a kid her age, but she is good and I can finally feel calm about Isa being there, since I know she gets the attention she needs. We have another week in the induction process and then depending how this week goes, we would finally leave her alone there, she will be attending from Monday to Thursday 8:00 – 14:00, which gives us a lot of time for ourselves and I think it is great for me, just to get a little break before the other baby comes…. oh yea, I forgot to mention, I’m 12 weeks pregnant with our second baby ♥.

We finally went to pick up her orthopedic shoes yesterday, we came back with just one pair since the other one was a little bit big and they are gonna get a smaller size. They shoes seem fine and she definitely feels to stand a little bit more stable on them, she just kept looking and looking at them when she had them on, she’s so used to being barefoot so having these shoes on is a whole new different thing.

IMAG1293 IMAG1294 IMAG1295 IMAG1296

She is gonna have a lot going on these next few months, she’s also starting a kids and parents group at Habilitering every Friday starting next week, with kids her age who also have Cerebral Palsy, she is also going to join another group of kids with CP and do aquatic physiotherapy and we are going to a course with her for two days staying overnight next month also, so it’s gonna get busy, but also good.


11 thoughts on “New shoes, new day care, new baby

  1. Lis…los tennis estan padrisimos nada que ver con los ortopedicos de antes. MUCHAS FELICIDADES POR TU EMBARAZO …Preparense el segundo baby lo cambia todo y se pone bien cabron con dos huercos..jajaja…Pero se siente que la familia se completa….un abrazo…

    • Gracias Edwin!!.. ya me imagino lo complicado que sera con 2 🙂 … aun asi, ya sabras que estamos super felices!! Ahora ya les toca el tercero a ustedes jajaja

  2. She is such a cutie! Congrats on your pregnancy too! Those are fabulous shoes. Lovely to read Isa is doing well with day care. She’s got some fun therapies ahead. Seb loves swimming too. Take care.

    • Thanks karamelissa! We are really excited although we know it’s gonna be a lot of work with 2 at home, I just can’t help feeling a bit anxious, but I know our baby will be healthy, I think it’s gonna be really good for Isa too.

      • It is harder with two but double the fun too. I love watching Seb and Lula’s relationship develop, it’s beautiful. Hope you are feeling well.

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