One week after

One more week and I’m still happy with everything that is going on. Isa had fever for two days, so she wasn’t able to go to day care on Monday and Tuesday, which left her a little behind in the induction process, staying the whole weekend plus two more days at home made her start over at day care, but it went OK. She went on Wednesday with me and then on Thursday we left her alone there from 8:00 to 11:30, Nicklas left her there in the morning and then I picked her up, the moment she saw me she started crying and smiling and just holding on to me so I wouldn’t leave again. They said it went great but she didn’t want to eat anything during lunch. On Friday she went from 8:00 to 13:00 and it was the same thing, all good but she once again refused to eat there. I know how picky she can be with food and how picky she is when she is in a new environment, so I know it will get better once everything becomes more familiar to her. But besides the food issue, I can say that I feel happy of how this is going. They posted her picture on her clothes box at day care and I just found her so cute in that picture that I had to take a picture of the picture.


The orthopedic shoes are not going so good, she absolutely refuses to wear them, as soon as I put them on she refuses to stand and just throws her self on the floor, I don’t know if they hurt or feel heavy or feel uncomfortable or what!!, but it’s not going anywhere, we haven’t picked up the other pair, but I hope those feel better to her so she can wear them.


3 thoughts on “One week after

  1. Thanks for telling us about getting her to day care. That will be quite stressful for me I am sure. I think I am most nervous because Grace can’t sit or move yet. One day though! That picture is very cute! Such a happy girl!

  2. Yes Nikkstar!, one day, I was so stressed about it too, but I have been happy with the teacher she got for herself, she is indeed with Isa all the time, I was afraid Isa was gonna be a little bit left alone and she can’t move by her self yet, but her teacher helps her with everything and doesn’t leave her alone, which is a big relief for me.
    Hugs to you both

  3. I’m so happy when I see her at the studio. She looked great this evening, so cute and so good. Food and shoes are things that young children don’ t like. It’s normal. Maybe her shoes feel heavy, but don’t give up the hope, it’s going to get better. I’m very happy for your nice family about your new pregnacy. Take care of you Lizette.

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