Training, training, training…

We have been busy lately, Isa has been having a lot of training to do and has been meeting a lot of new friends. As I mentioned on a post before Isa was going to start in different training groups so she has been very social. She goes to day care from Monday to Thursday and then on Fridays we go to NIT (nätverksbaserad intensiv träning) a 2.5 hrs group training at Habilitering. She’s there with a group of more kids around the same age, all of them with Cerebral Palsy and she has been enjoying it, they start with some singing, then playing in the water, then a break for food, training in what they need and then stretching with all the kids from different groups and ages, she really enjoys the stretching, which we do while singing and she’s been really into music lately, as soon as she hears some music she starts dancing right away. We also went to a camp training on Monday – Tuesday, we staid over night. It was more about the parents, there were a lot of talks and info about Cerebral Palsy, so one of us would go and listen and the other one would stay with Isa  training and playing with the rest of the kids. I was a bit disappointed as I thought it was gonna be more intensive training kind of thing, but oh well, it was fun for Isa anyways and I gave us the opportunity to meet a lot of parents and hear their stories and yes, it was all in Swedish and I managed to get through it, I was really surprised of how much my Swedish skills have improved and how much I could understand and contribute. It was amazing to meet all these parents and their kids, many of them have gone through so much, we felt so lucky to see Isa and see how much she’s improving and coming along, it was very empowering to meet such strong individuals.

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The orthopedic shoes are going much better now, they did something to them and after that she seems to feel OK, we are trying to get an appointment soon with her orthopedic because we want her to get a sole on her left shoe, since we think she really needs to even up the difference, it feels like she always stands up a little bit twisted and that can not be good for her spine, so we think the sole would be the best, but it has to be approved by the orthopedic first.  She also has an appointment at Move & Walk next month and I’m gonna put my heart and soul on her training this fall, I’m hoping to see big changes by the end of the year.

In other news, the pregnancy is going great, I’m feeling great as I did with Isa, I had an ultrasound last week, a bit earlier for Sweden, they make the first one at 18 weeks, but my midwife got me one earlier since she knows I’m a bit stressed after what happened to Isa. Even though we know that Isa’s condition is not genetic and the chances of this happening again are minimal, we have done all the genetic tests to Isa and us, she has been seen by different specialists and there is still no explanation for what happened. But still I wanted to see my baby and make sure everything is looking fine and so I did and everything looks good, after seeing the baby the Dr. corrected my due date since the baby is measuring a week less than we thought, so she or he will be born very close to Isa’s birthday. That puts me on 15 weeks pregnant this week and I’ll have another ultrasound at 18 weeks and then the Dr. said he will keep an eye on me, so I will be able to get an extra one later on the pregnancy. The baby was moving so much all the time that he wasn’t able to take a good picture of the baby, I have one, but you really have to use your imagination to find the shape, so I will wait until the next ultrasound to post a picture of the baby 🙂

Now Isa is at day care, which means I get to enjoy some time alone 🙂

2013-09-25 18.48.472013-09-25 18.51.15



7 thoughts on “Training, training, training…

  1. Feicidades a los tres por el nuevo bebé!!!! Seguro que todo va a ir de maravilla Liz. Mucha Buena vibra y ojalá pudiéramos vernos pronto. Besos.

  2. Congrats to both of you Lizette hope everything come out great and according to Isa yall have been very brave and patience she is a cute little girl don’t worry she’s going to do ok 🙂

  3. Aún que no lo creas leo cada vez que escribes tía, te admiro muchísimo y sigue poniendo ese corazón y esa de tan grande que tienes para que isa mejore cada vez más , te amo tía y estoy contentísima por la llegada de mi otro(a) primo(a) 🙂

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