Trying something new

So there is this blog I follow about a girl who has Cerebral Palsy, I had been following it for a while and 2 weeks ago I was reading how her mother was describing her ABM sessions and writing about the improvements and the things she could do now after starting this therapy. I had no idea what ABM meant and had never heard of it, but I went ahead and googled it and I came across the Anat Baniel Method, I had no idea what it was about but when I added “Sweden” to my search the only thing I could find was a book about it, I couldn’t find a practitioner in Sweden so I just went online and bought the book. A few days later a got it at home and started reading it.


I was hooked, I could not stop reading it. I guess that as parents of a special needs child, one is always looking for something else out there that is going to help you, that is going to change your child’s life for the better. I liked almost everything that I could read in the book and was only disappointed by the idea that Anat Baniel lives in the States and I couldn’t find a single practitioner of this method here in Sweden. I found a few in England but thinking about flying there with Isa for the sessions and coming back felt a bit too much right now that I’m pregnant and Isa has to be carried around a lot. I was slowly giving up to find someone close to me until I thought about emailing directly to the ABM webpage and ask someone about a practitioner here in Sweden. A few hours later I got the answer with the email address of the only ABM practitioner here and I emailed her right away. I was hoping that she was at least a bit close to me and that she could meet Isa soon. The very next day I got an answer from her and I felt very lucky when she mentioned that she lives just 1-1/2 hours away from where we live. Sweden is such a big country that I had the possibility in my head that she would live in the other side, but 1-1/2 hours felt like nothing. She was away for a few days and promised to call me today to talk about Isa. We talked a few hours ago, I thought she sounded lovely on the phone and felt comfortable talking to her, she explained me a few things about how the sessions work and told me that she wanted to have 2 sessions with Isa the first day and 2 sessions the next day, that way the brain has time to learn what it’s being taught. So I booked a time for next Wednesday and Thursday, I will take the train there and she offered to be our driver for those 2 days, I’m gonna stay over with Isa so she can take the other 2 sessions the next day, so she will pick us up at the station and do the sessions, take us to the hotel and pick us up the next day for the other 2 and then come back home. We will see how it goes. I really think that we just need to try whatever we feel can help her and take the best from each therapy she follows.

Following up my last post about Isa barely eating, I’m happy to write that she’s eating much better now, just a few days after I wrote that post, she magically started eating a bit more, we talked about it in the assessment she had with her therapists from habilitering and they said that she would get an appointment with a dietician anyways, but we haven’t actually got one, but the last week she has been eating good, also at day care, just yesterday when I picked her up, one of her teachers told me that she ate very good during lunch and during the whole week she just seemed to be more interested about food, we are really happy about it. She also has an appointment with her neurologist in two weeks, just a follow-up and I guess she will schedule an EEG soon. I will update next week about the ABM sessions.

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10 thoughts on “Trying something new

  1. Hello. I found your blog through LovethatMax. Do you mind giving me the blog you have been reading regarding this method? I would really like to read through what they have seen with it.

  2. Isa is wonderful, the more I see her, the more I love her and I want her to be fine and happy. I wish you that the new ABM sessions give some good results and that Isa likes them. Take care of yourself, of her and the growing baby. I’m looking forward to reading about your first sessions.

  3. A little boy in my local Cerebral Palsy group just started doing this therapy. His family is heading to California for an intensive week with Anat B. Sounds amazing. Expensive. But amazing. Let us know how it goes, I’m itching to hear more! Glad to hear Isa has found her appetite.

  4. ABM or Feldenkrais is great! I know Grace loves it as its the only therapy where it takes her as the guide rather than push her to do things. Although, it did take me some time to get used to how the sessions went as it can feel like the practitioner isn’t doing anything! Happy to hear that she is doing well though – good luck with the EEG, I know how hard they are. We have one in three weeks, but I know it is going to be a mess. Thinking of you guys xx

  5. We did ABM with Sebastian for a couple years when he was a baby to age 2.5. I miss it. It was wonderful. So glad Isa gets to do it!

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