ABM sessions

Isa has had her 2 first ABM sessions, last Wednesday we took the train at 9:00 and I was lucky enough that Isa was quite calm during almost the whole time, 10 minutes before arriving she started getting a bit tired of being in the train, the trip was 1-1/2 hours. I had packed a small backpack with our stuff, my purse, the light weight stroller, Isa and me with my 6 months pregnant belly. We arrived at 10:30 and just coming out from the station, Jane (the practitioner) was already waiting for us, she had borrowed a car seat for Isa and we headed to her house to start the first session at 10:45. First we had a consultation with all the info about Isa and then she began to work with her. I was a bit stressed of how Isa was going to react towards Jane, I think Isa doesn’t really like any of her PT’s and the moment that someone tries to force her into a certain position she starts getting angry and starts being miserable. She started very gentle with Isa, at the same time that Jane was talking to me she put Isa on her working table and started touching her spine, Isa was facing me the whole time and Jane’s movements with her were so gentle that she didn’t seem to care that she was touching her. I explained to Jane that my main focus for Isa is to get her to move on her own somehow, she’s still unable to crawl or walk and wherever she sits she stays there or moves a little bit forward doing this tiny jumps on her bump. After touching Isa here and there, Jane said that she could feel how Isa’s lower back had little mobility, she can sit up so good and steady that she has created this kind of fixed position for her spine, making it really uncomfortable when she lies on her stomach because she doesn’t have the flexibility to arch the spine to lift her upper body up. She said she could also feel it didn’t have much movement to the sides either. With slow movements in her legs and feet Jane started working with Isa into a side sitting position, something that we had never worked with, she had never been sitting with her legs like that, she was talking and explaining to Isa every movement she was doing and Isa seemed really interested about what Jane was saying and how she was moving her body into this new position. She could hold it for a bit and then she would bring her leg back to sitting crossed legged. On the second session Jane started with the side sitting position and started working with her arms to bring the body weight forward into her arms to come into crawling position, Isa responded good, trying her best and being happy about it.

The first day with the two sessions went by and Isa was exhausted after each one. We went to the hotel and she just fell asleep and had a great nap, she woke up quite energetic and we started playing in bed, I had a cartoon playing on the iPad  at the other side of the bed and Isa was watching and bouncing dancing to the music. Suddenly she reached forward towards the iPad and she always goes as far as her arms stretch forward and that’s it, but this time, she stretch as much as possible and suddenly her bump lifted up and she propelled her self forward with her arms to come into her stomach. It was the first time that she had done something like that, I was speechless and so happy for her.

Next day I couldn’t wait to tell Jane about it and couldn’t wait for the two remaining sessions to start. We finished the day at 12:10 and booked four days in January since Jane couldn’t fit us in December as she’s going away for two weeks, so we will go back from Monday to Thursday for two sessions a day, a little bit more intensive and that works with me. I feel that I need to take advantage as much as possible before the baby is born in March then it will take more effort to spend days away from home. After that she drove us to the train station to catch the train at 13:30, Isa was quite active during the whole trip home and I just couldn’t wait to arrive home relax with her and tell everything to Nicklas. That night she did it again, she propelled herself to come into her stomach, that time she did it like three or four times, same the next day and after that she got sick and has had fever Saturday and Sunday which kept her in bed, today she woke up without fever and we sent her to day care. They called us a few hours later to pick her up because the fever was back and she has been home with me all day, mostly sleeping and cuddling up with me in the sofa, so she hasn’t had the energy to play. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.

I forgot to take pictures during the sessions, I was so caught up on what was going on that I totally forgot to grab the camera, I just got a picture in our way to take the train and one after the first session when she fell asleep completely tired after her hard work.

2013-11-27 08.29.56 2013-11-28 12.17.54


4 thoughts on “ABM sessions

  1. Dear Lizette,
    Isa is amazing with a lot of energy and I am happy that you have found someone that can train her the right way. Good luck and a lots of Love ! ❤

  2. Dear Lizette,

    Thank you for the report; I was waiting for it wondering how it went. I’m happy that you felt that these session work and can produce some progressions and that you could already see some results. I reacted reading about Isas lower back: according to Jane she has no moblity there: is it the first time you hear about this? No doctor who has visited her has realized that before? What did Jane say about it? is it something that she can achieve with special excercise?
    I wish I could help you; you are so brave and strong but It will be harder with a bigger and bigger belly. Ask ! if there is something that I can do for you. I will be happy to do it.
    You give Isa a hug from me, she worked so hard!

  3. Amazing! I totally bought the book after your post last time. I can’t believe how quickly she tried something new. Very, very encouraging. Sorry to hear she got sick right after though. You two take care of yourselves and get some rest.

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