Four days of ABM

The day finally came for us to go back to Söderhamn for Isa’s Anat Baniel’s sessions, 4 days having 2 sessions a day. The weather was kind of ok in Sweden until just 4 days before I had to go, then… boom! the snow and the freaking cold arrived, just what I didn’t want. I’m heavy enough at this moment to top it up with a huge jacket, scarf, gloves, snow boots etc… and then Isa, with a winter overall, boots, hat, gloves etc… but we made it, it was good and we got a lot of help from Jane to drive us back and forth from the hotel to her house and so on every day.

2014-01-18 13.21.56

We arrived on Monday and Isa had her first session at 10:45am followed by a 1-1/2hr break for her to eat and sleep and then we continued with the second session. Jane was kind enough to fix a room for Isa to sleep there since the weather was not nice to go out for a walk.

2014-01-14 11.39.59Isa sleeping in between sessions

During the sessions on her first day, Jane was working a lot on teaching Isa to sit by herself, she has been trying and trying but no luck yet to sit without help, Jane was helping her to use her head weight to come up. That day in the afternoon, while we were at the hotel, she sat down by herself for the first time in her life, I was so excited for her, this gives her a bit more independence and you could see how happy she was with her new trick. I had to take a video and send it to Nicklas, I felt so proud of her, she makes me proud everyday with all the little achievements.

The days went by kind of fast, although by the third day I was ready to go back home and eat something coming out from my kitchen, crappy food was the worst part of our trip but Isa enjoyed her sessions and I hope we can see some really good results as the days go by. Jane also recommended that it would be a good idea to include some sign language with Isa, so she can be able to communicate sooner, we had already started with some sign language, but after she said it we have been really putting our heads into it and try to remember to use it as much as possible, she does know how to use it to tell us she wants to “sleep” and I think she has been using the sign “drink” I think she has been trying to sign Mama, (although she can “say” Mama) but she is mixing it with “blowing a kiss” since it’s kind of similar, but we will see. We downloaded a good app and are trying to learn a few words here and there, the daily stuff.

She finally had the appointment with the dietician and we were happy to find out that she put on almost a kilo and she grew 5cm, I know she is long, but those 5cm really surprised me, I really thought her pants were shrinking on the drier machine 🙂 , she got some kind of smoothies that we need to order, to take once a day and another sort of milk to mix with her bottle at night, we got 5 samples and she liked all of them, now we just need to order more to start with them everyday, this will give her around 500 extra calories a day, since she is still a bit under weight, but eating better.

That’s it for now, I have exactly 2 months left on my pregnancy and this week I have started to feel more and more tired, but feeling good, the more that I talked about it with Isa, the more I realize she has no idea what I’m talking about and since she doesn’t like dolls, every time I show her with the only doll she has, she just grabs it and throws it as far as possible… So … we will see how she reacts to the surprise coming her way, almost in time for her 2nd birthday, oh time flies!!

2014-01-16 12.15.54


4 thoughts on “Four days of ABM

    • There are many different ones, the one we use is in Swedish, so it wouldn’t work for you 🙂 but just download a few and see which one works best for you guys.

  1. Thank you Lizette for the updating. I’m very happy to read about Isas progresses and about her gaining some weight. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you again.

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