Getting AFO’s

Isa finally had an appointment with the orthopedist last Wednesday. We had been talking about it for a few months, that we felt like she couldn’t find the right balance to stand by herself due to her shorter left leg. Her orthopedist said that we would meet again after a year, but we finally got an appointment with another orthopedist sooner. Last time it was said that the difference between the legs was about 1.5cm, so they started making her stand up with a 1.5cm sole under her left foot and it turned out to be to high, they tried a 1cm sole and seemed good for Isa. It’s good to see that the difference is not increasing but becoming even less. The orthopedist and one of Isa’s physiotherapists were looking at her while she was walking around barefoot. They could see how she’s always standing with all her body weight on the left leg and bending a bit the right one and when she walks she hyperextends her left knee putting too much pressure on it, which can lead to an injured knee.

They decided that the best thing would be to have a 1cm sole under her left foot and that using AFO’s (orthotics or braces) would be the best to correct the hyperextended knee, so she’s getting a left bace with a higher sole and then the orthopedist said that it would be good to have another one on the right leg also to give her the same stability and help her to start walking by herself as soon as possible.

So we stayed there and did casts of Isa’s feet (not her favorite moment) and then got to choose the pattern to have on the AFO’s which I chose as she was not very into choosing one, I went with purple hearts. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and what or how AFO’s look like… they look like this:


We have an appointment on the 27th of February to try them on. I must confess that finding out that she needed more orthopedics was not my favorite moment, it made me sad for few seconds and then I just had to look at the positive side of this and I don’t want her to end up with a knee injury and we want her to be able to walk as soon as possible, she’s dying to be able to move by herself, she understands now that she can’t while all the other kids around her are just running around. So to be honest I just can’t wait now to get them and see how she feels on them and help her to walk.

She’s also getting new eye glasses, with her new prescription and a bit bigger since the ones she has now are starting to feel small on her.

She has been quite temperamental lately and just wants to be with me and on me all the time… due to the pregnancy maybe??? .. I don’t know, but I hope she goes back to sweet and normal soon!

2014-02-02 18.00.07


5 thoughts on “Getting AFO’s

  1. Great to hear about your progresses. I know it is hard to deal with inabilities we all take for granted as a human right. I am fighting it almost every single day. Isa is a darling with a fantastic mom Lizette

  2. Good luck with the AFOs. I’ve had them on and off for most of my life. When I was a child I had them with all kinds of patterens on them. My current ones are plain black though.

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