Meet Ella!

Ella is here, she came to us last Friday night, by surprise at 37weeks 6 days. Isa was born at 40 weeks 2 days, so I always assumed that this baby would come at 40 weeks  too, but I was wrong. It all happened so fast, at 19:00 I started with contractions, here and there, I cooked dinner and didn’t say anything, I really thought they were gonna go away, we finished dinner and Nicklas put Isa to bed, then we just laid down in the sofa to watch TV and then I knew it, they were real. I had a stronger one and said to Nicklas “this is the thing… the last hour, I have been having contractions, I didn’t wanna say anything because I thought they were gonna go away, but now I know, they are real”. I knew he was gonna freak out because we had a really busy weekend at the studio, fully booked classes and he was teaching 2 classes the next morning etc.. So he started to google “how to stop early contractions” or something like that, he came up with the idea to drink some wine, he brought a glass to me and after 2 sips I knew this was not gonna help as the contractions were getting even stronger so I texted Isa’s babysitter to make sure she was available and to get ready. We called her in at 21:45, she arrived and we drove to the hospital, at this point the contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes and they were so strong. We arrived at the hospital at 22:10 and they have the most ridiculous security system or whatever, that you have to go through 3 doors and every time you reach one, you have to ring the bell and wait for someone to show up. I was going crazy waiting for them to open every single door, at the last one I just threw my self on the floor having a contraction waiting for someone to open the door while Nicklas couldn’t believe in how much pain I was and how fast things were going. A midwife finally opened the door and run to grab a wheelchair to take me to a room. Now, this is how I remember things happened: I climbed up the bed, I took Nicklas hand a asked him not to leave me alone, they took my clothes off, the midwife started touching me and I remember Nicklas asking how dilated I was and the midwife said, she’s ready, the head is here, the baby is gonna be here at any moment. After hearing that I went for it with all my strength and after 3 more pushes she was born, at 22:27.

They put her on my chest and there she was, this tiny little person screaming, full of life. And just like that, my heart expanded, my love multiplied and I had all this love for her, I couldn’t believe it, everything happened so fast I forgot about to ask for the sex, but Nicklas did and we turned her around to see our beautiful daughter and there we were, we had just became 4. She has a head full of brown hair, she is tiny, we knew that, they had been saying that during the ultrasounds, that the baby was small on a normal scale, just like Isa was born small too.

DSC_1125 DSC_1130

I couldn’t have asked for a better delivery it was fantastic, just the way I wanted it, fast and without drugs it was quite different from Isa’s birth. We stayed the night at the hospital and next day Nicklas came with Isa to meet Ella. I have to say that I had been very nervous about that moment, I was so afraid that Isa was gonna be so jealous or shocked or something to see someone else on our arms, but her reaction has been fantastic and it just gets better and better by the day, she LOVES to be around her, she just wants to touch her and see her first thing in the morning, if Ella cries, Isa starts imitating her and fake cries along with Ella. It has been such a relief to see that.

DSC_1146 DSC_1148

She’s 5 days old today and I love her more by the day. It just feels a little bit easier the second time around, in some ways you feel much more comfortable and enjoy every moment more. It’s been a lot going on the last days and we are trying to get used to having 2 children at home. But we are 4 now and we love it.

DSC_1155 DSC_1159


13 thoughts on “Meet Ella!

  1. Thank you Lizette and Nicklas for sharing! Beautiful story, full of love. I’m so happy for you: you are a beautiful family; I love all of you. Ella is really sweet and her name too! A big hug to you and especially to Isa who is now a big sister.

  2. Fantastic. What a cutie pie. Iza is a darling and I am glad that you had a comparable smooth delivery. All my love to the four of you ❤ !

  3. Congrats on all of the cute! I just had Peanut and I’m already contemplating doing it again, ’cause before I know it, she’s gonna be a big girl like Ella.

    • Thanks Joanne! Enjoy every moment with Peanut! time flies and then we just wished we enjoyed them more on those firsts months, I’m enjoying little Ella like crazy 🙂

      • I have nothing but time for Peanut right now. I’m afraid my second (if there ever comes a #2) will get the short end of the mommytime stick! 😀

  4. I love this story! Can’t believe he tried to make them go away with some wine, priceless! I’m so happy for you guys and I hope to meet the new girl in town soon! Maybe for the championships? (Ps I love the name!)

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