Happy birthday Isa!

Isa is 2 years old today! Wow! I mean, time has gone by so fast, I’m sitting here looking at a picture from 1 year ago and she has changed so much in every sense. I have been meaning to write a post for 3 weeks now, but since Ella came to our lives, I literally have had no time, I’m writing now with Ella hooked to my breast and Isa just fell asleep, she was exhausted after the busy day she had.

Nicklas father came for a visit with his wife for the weekend and his brother came today too. She got many gifts and was wearing a dress that my sister sent from the States.

You need a big gap of time to see the progresses that she makes, looking back 1 year ago and today, I can see how much she has improved in many different things and at the same time I can see how the gap in between Isa and the other kids her age is also bigger, but that doesn’t make me worry or cry or makes me sad like it used to make me, the feeling that I have has changed, I know that she has her own timing for every single thing and that she’s getting there. I also know, as I have always known that she is amazing, she uses and has used just half of her brain from day one. I’m more than proud of her and I think that the guilty feeling that I had been dragging since I found out about it, has finally started to fade away, I know it’s not my fault, but I always had “that” feeling that I had done something wrong… or something like that. I still wish I could take a look into the future and see how she will be doing in 5, 10, 15 years, I still wish I had all the answers when it comes to her therapies, treatments, AFO’s etc… but I don’t have the answers and I just have to wait and see and experiment.

I have so many updates that I have to write about, her AFO’s, eyeglasses, sister Ella, sign language, day care, etc… I just really need to find the time to write.

But here she is, on her second birthday and she might not be running around like all the other kids her age, but oh!! she has the most loving parents she could ask for and the most loving family too. I can’t believe she’s 2 and my family hasn’t been able to meet her yet, it breaks my heart and theirs, but this is gonna be the year when we will finally gonna travel to Mexico or the States for the big visit.

– I love you Isa, we love you!- Happy birthday to you!

DSC_1339 DSC_1360 DSC_1381


7 thoughts on “Happy birthday Isa!

  1. Hermosa este año te conoceremos!
    Chica siempre que leo tus publicaciones me vienen a mi corazón y mi alma una revolución de sentimientos! Te admiro mucho chica… Eres una gran Mujer y Madre! Dios no se equivocó al escogerte como mama de Isa y te ha premiado con darte a tu segunda hija: Ella… Tendrás la fortuna de experimentar tener dos hijas con necesidades diferentes…. Dios no pudo haberte bendecido más…. De eso estoy 100% segura. Te amo incondicionalmente chica y siempre estaré para ti!!

  2. Chiquita preciosa, “Muchas felicidades” en tus 2 anitos.
    Isa, es la hija del Rey…. y como tal, ella va a salir siempre adelante, es un hermoso angelito que Dios te mando, y acuerdate siempre que nuestros tiempos no son sus tiempos, sus caminos no son nuestros caminos.
    Acuerdate siempre…, la culpa, es un sentimiento que no viene de Dios, asi que no tiene cabida en nuestras vidas…..A darle con todo con tu Hermosa familia, tu marido y tus dos hijas preciosas… como dice Karen, sinceramente…el Senor te ha colmado de bienes……
    Deleitate con tu familia…..
    Yo tambien te amo y te extrano muchooooo….

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