Follow up

It feels like forever since a wrote a post, but let’s just say that life has been a bit “busy” and it is just now that I find the time to sit and write.

There has been a lot going on here, with Isa, Ella, home, work etc… But everything is going good. I never posted anything about Isa’s AFO’s, she got them right after Ella was born, so that makes it around 3 months ago, I remember it was just a week or so after Ella came and my hormones were all over the place, so the first time we tried them on and saw her walking around on them, I started crying, I couldn’t hold myself, but once again, my hormones were playing a hard time on me, so, that feeling is long gone. They haven’t been perfect, after she got them, they had been fixed a few times, a little bit of trimming here and there, but it seems like they are good now.

2014-03-10 08.56.31

It also feels like she can communicate a bit more now, she is still not putting words together but a word comes out here and there, she does understand both Spanish and Swedish at home, since I just speak Spanish to her and Nicklas Swedish. She just surprises us with a random word everyday and then she doesn’t use it again. She has some favorite word in sign language that she likes to use over and over and she’s starting to say her name in sign language too.

We haven’t been really happy with her new eye glasses, she is squinting with them, something that she didn’t do with her last pair, she has a check up soon and let’s see how it goes, it was quite a nightmare last time when she got her eyes checked, I almost cried just looking at the ordeal she was going through but we will see how it goes this time.

She got 4 ABM sessions 2 weeks ago and will get 4 more in 2 weeks… I will write a post about this soon.

She got an EEG last month, we get the results next Friday, we are hoping to lower the dose on her medication, but we will see.


She has been a very good sister to Ella, she just loves her and wants to be all over her. She’s quite rough though, so we have to always have an eye on her when she with Ella. She just loves to hug her and kiss her and likes to pull Ella’s hair and pull her socks off 🙂



2014-05-24 18.36.48 2014-05-25 15.51.07

Ella has been such a joy, she’s just so calm and smiles all the time, she loves to get attention and just starts talking and smiling non stop. She is also very strong, she’s turning 3 months on Saturday and can almost roll on to her belly, it’s gonna be so much fun to see her develop and enjoy all the stages and milestones that Isa couldn’t reach at the same age.

Isa had her summer festival at day care yesterday, it was so much fun, she loves attention so you could see how much she was enjoying to sing in front of all the parents. We have been really lucky finding this day care for her, all the teachers and principal have been such a great help to us and Isa, she absolutely loves to go there everyday and that just feels amazing, they care so much about her and about learning more and more to be able to help her in everything she needs.

2014-06-04 14.16.22-1 2014-06-04 14.16.22



5 thoughts on “Follow up

  1. Both of your daughters are so beautiful!

    I have a question. Are the bottoms of her AFOs rubber? It looks like the white bottom portion are attached to the AFOs. Is it attached, as part of the AFO? Or are they a separate piece? If they are attached, can she walk on them?

    • Yes, the rubber part is attached to the AFOs, they gave us 2 options, with the rubber soles or without them to use them with regular shoes, we decided to try the ones with the rubber. She can walk on them. I don’t know which option is better as I have nothing to compare to, but when she stands it feels as stable as shoes.

  2. Thank you Lizette for the updating on Isa. I think often about her even though the last period I have been too busy to practice at the studio and I haven’t met her so much. She is often in my thoughts; I wonder how much she’s developing, if she starts saying some words and how it goes with her “shoes”. I’m happy to hear the she makes progresses and you feel that life is busy but it’s going well, you move forward and Ella gives you strenght. So much Isa is going through but still looking so quite and happy most of the time. I love her. Tough girl! You are a beautiful family. I’m happy I’ve got the chance to meet you.

    • Thanks for your words Marina!, they mean a lot to me, to us. You have seen her grow and we appreciate a lot all the love you have towards her ❤

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