Still alive

I can’t believe how fast time is going and I feel like I can’t keep up with the blog, that’s definitely not what I want, but the days go by and I can’t seem to find the time to write, or when I have the time I have no inspiration to write. I won´t even try to catch up with everything that has happened during these months, I will just go ahead and try to write what is going on right now.

Isa is big, and when I say that she is big, I mean that she has grown up so much! It happened rightt in front of my eyes and I didn’t notice but all of a sudden she is so tall and her face looks different, it feels like the baby escaped right through my fingers while I was pregnant with Ella, even now, just after the summer her teachers at day care said that she grew up so much during the summer. She is a little girl now and with this comes what it feels like a whole new person. She is very stubborn, which I really like and it feels like that stubbornness can come very handy with her special needs, she knows what she wants and that’s it.

She has developed so much in many different ways, but I think the biggest change that we have seen is mentally, is like something has shifted and now she understands what you say, she understands what you are asking and she gives you answers, with words, sign language or pointing, but she now understands and that makes the communication so much easier. She is also stronger in her body, can’t yet walk by herself, but she is getting there, slowly but getting there, she can do daily stuff without help now, like eating with a spoon or fork, grab a glass of water with both hands and drink by herself. That alone makes lunch time so much more fun for her, she loves being independent and we love that too. She decides now what she wants to wear or not to wear. She loves her “big sister” role and tries to take care of Ella as much as possible, it’s becoming so much fun to see them interact. Ella is now 5 months and she is such a strong baby, it’s been amazing for Nicklas and I to see this baby doing all this things that Isa never did or that it took so much longer to do. Ella is almost crawling! I mean, crawling is something that Isa can’t do and to see this tiny person doing it amazes us so much, we are enjoying so much every milestone she reaches and Isa loves her and wants to do everything like Ella.

Isa has been having more ABM sessions, she had 4 just last week and now is going to have 2 session every two weeks. So far this year she has taken a total of 20 sessions and we can see changes on her every time she has one. She had X-rays on her hips a week ago and she has an appointment with the orthopedic this Thursday, we want to check the legs again, she has been using the AFO’s but I haven’t seen much change in her walking with them. She had an EEG sometime in May and we continue with the same medication. She has an appointment with the eye doctor next Monday to check if the squinting has improved.

Overall she has a lot going on like usual, but we are happy with the way everything is moving forward, she loves day care, she loves kids and socializing even when she can’t communicate verbally, words are coming out more and more and her sign language is getting better, they also started with sign language at day care and now every kid has its own sign to identify them.

We had a nice summer and now I hope I can start blogging more often again!

DSC_2891 DSC_2739 DSC_2514 DSC_2418 DSC_2325 DSC_2249


5 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. Wow – it’s great to hear how much progress Isa is making and it’s lovely to hear that Ella is doing well too! Congratulations to all of you.

    I can also have a stubborn streak, as does my mum. She often says that how stubborn we both are has played a big part in all I’ve achieved.

  2. Thank you Lizette for the updating and for sharing thoughts, news and even the nice pictures from the summer. I miss Isa and I’ m happy to read about her and her improvements, small but so important. You are such a brave couple of parents and Ella so cute. Happy to know you.

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