Shorter leg or not?

Isa had her appointment with the orthopedic last Thursday, last time we met him was a year ago, at that time he said that the difference between Isa’s legs was about 1cm and that we should wait a year until we met again and see how the difference was looking by then. Well, we met him last Thursday and after checking Isa he came to the conclusion that the difference was just a few millimeters and as he said, everybody has a few millimeters difference in between their legs.  And we thought … how can that be so? When she walks and when you look at her legs it feels like the difference is more than just a few millimeters, you can see how one leg is just shorter, not just a few millimeters. The answer he had, was that as the left side of her body is weaker she doesn’t have the strength to stretch the leg completely.

Okay, hearing that her leg is not shorter makes me feel better, now, we just need to focus on her training on a different way.

2014-08-24 07.15.57


One thought on “Shorter leg or not?

  1. Wonderful news Lizette!
    Giving you the best opportunities to enfalicitate and focus the training for little Isa. You and Nicklas are such brave and caring parents. 💞

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