Dear Ella

Ella is turning 8 months on Friday, time has gone fast and we are totally amazed by our little girl. This started as Isa’s blog, but as time passes and our life grows as a family with a new member I can’t help myself with the idea of changing the blog’s name to something different and start writing about both of them, as the sisters they are and how they are growing together.


I can’t begin to describe Ella, she is just… amazing. As parents of Isa (and her special needs) we missed the “normal” timing on a baby’s milestones, you know, rolling over, crawling, pulling to stand, first steps (her first steps are yet to come, no doubt about it) etc… so for us, everything that we are experiencing with Ella is just pure bliss. She turned to her side while sleeping when she was 8 days old, she rolled over to her belly when she was 4, at 4,5 she started cargo crawling, at 7 months she was crawling in all 4 without any trouble, she is about to turn 8 and can pull herself to stand and takes step while holding into something, she is all over the place and I’m sure she will be walking by 9 months.

Every time she does something new (and new things happen everyday, all the time) Nicklas and I can’t help but to look at each other and smile, and by smile I mean wide side to side smile.

2014-11-03 09.43.352014-10-31 11.41.11DSC_3426DSC_3394 DSC_3428

She is happy all the time, she is always smiling, loves to pull Isa’s pacifier out from her mouth, loves to be with Isa (even though Isa can be a little bit rough to her). It’s amazing to see them interact, to see the relationship they are building together.

I’m in love, big time.


6 thoughts on “Dear Ella

  1. I love that because of having a child with an unknown developmental trajectory, and never knowing when the next milestone will come it has made you even more thankful and amazed at Ella’s development. So exciting.
    They are both adorable.

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