Going private

Nicklas and I have been discussing different topics about our children and social media, about how your kids images can end up being all over the place and how to protect them (if you can say “protect”) from it. After talking about Isa’s blog we have come to the conclusion to make it private, this is her life I’m writing about and even though my intention is good and I do it so she can read how everything was happening, I think it is for her best to keep it private and just those who really care about it can read it.

If you want to read about Isa and follow this blog, please leave a comment with your email or your username on wordpress so I can add you to the list of readers. It is only by invitation that this blog is gonna be visible.

All the best from us to you ♥


15 thoughts on “Going private

  1. Lizette, I understand and agree with your good decision. Too much, in my opinion is shared so freely. I have enjoyed your blog and have fallen in love with your girls. I admire the strength you all have shown. So yes, I’d love to continue to hear from you and I wish you all the very best! Fondly, Nina (Lauren’s Mom) nm25@comcast.net


  2. Excelente idea Liz, y claro que me gustaría saber como va todo con tu nena…les mandamos muchos abrazos desde Metepec!

      • I tried making inviations but it just seem to complicated for me to chose amongst the people who read … I will continue public and see later on if I change my mind. Thanks Lizette, all my love to you! ❤

  3. Dear Lizette, I understand your and Nicklas choice. You know how much I care for Isa so my wish is to continue reading about her but I’m neither a family member or a close friend. So I leave the decision to you and Nicklas. If you want to continue let me take part of your Isa’s life, I will be honored and happy to do that, otherwise I will understand. A big hug.

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