It’s been a while…


I have been away, I have been meaning to sit and write, but it seems like it took me a year to actually sit and write. Should I blame it on my always busy life or should I just say that time slipped away through my hands and today I realised that I hadn’t even login on wordpress for I don’t know how long, so long that just now, when I logged in and started going through my feed, I saw all these post from other blogs I follow and was amazed for how much their kids had grown, I guess, just like mine.

Isa is 4 1/2 years old.


She has improved tremendously in every sense over this year, much more that I could have ever imagined. She has surprised us over and over again.

One year ago she started to take her first steps by herself. One year ago, my friend Veronica came from Budapest to train with her for 3 weeks, 3 hours a day with the Conductive pedagogy or Petö method. She was amazing with Isa and was able to take Isa to the next step in every sense. After that everything has changed, a lot.

She also stopped with her epilepsy medication and that was a huge change too. She transformed, became ‘awake’. She was suddenly paying attention, listening more, wanted to sit and look at a whole book. She became present and aware of many things, started eating, sleeping, enjoying food.

After her intensive training with Veronika she started walking barefoot, standing up and sitting down from a chair, leaning down to pick up stuff and slowly she became quick and good at it. After a few months without medication she started saying words, here and there. Now, she can say 3 word sentences and many, many words in both Swedish and Spanish.

2016-06-19 10.10.222016-05-08 10.26.31-1

She walks now, stable. She has just now started to go up the stairs by herself, she still need help going down the stairs and to climb something high, like getting into the car or sitting on her kitchen chair. She can say so many words that sometimes if feels like she’s never quiet 🙂 . She is dipper free and needs help to sit on the toilet and to take down and up her pants.

Her bond with Ella has grown so much. They are so close together, it melts my heart.

2016-06-28 18.30.332016-05-20 18.45.52-12016-06-23 18.15.47


2 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Me encanta ver los grandes avances de Isa y lo grandes y bellas que están las dos, miles de besos desde Colombia, tu hermanita! !!

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